SeaCab: water-taxi transfers from Skiathos to Skopelos

Daily, on-demand boat transfers between Skiathos and Skopelos from €25.

Why wait? Get there now with SeaCab.

Prices, schedule and routes

Daily water-taxi service (08:30 - 20:30)

  • Water-taxi transfers between Skiathos and Skopelos (Loutraki port, Glossa), operating hourly on demand:

    From €25

    +- 15 minutes travel time

Private on-demand hire (Maximum 8 passengers, 08:30 - 20:30)

  • Skiathos - Loutraki (Glossa):

    Price: €150

    +- 15 minutes travel time

  • Skiathos - Elios / Adrina Hotel:

    Price: €150

    +- 25 minutes travel time

  • Skiathos - Agnondas

    Price: €250

    +- 35 minutes travel time

  • All other routes:

    €22/mile confirmed on request

    Contact us for a competitive quote

How to get from Skiathos to Skopelos

Where to find us

Skiathos Port

You will find our boat waiting at the end of the main port of Skiathos where the ferries leave from. Look out for the orange stripe around our boat, the orange roof, and the taxi light on top.

Our comfortable 8-seater water-taxi transfer is a welcome supplement to the existing ferry system connecting Skiathos and Skopelos. If you're wondering how to get from Skiathos to Skopelos, look no further.

With an average crossing time of just 15 minutes between Skiathos and Loutraki (Glossa), SeaCab allows you to spend more time enjoying the beach, spending time with your loved ones and sampling delicious Greek cuisine.

So why wait? Get there now with SeaCab.


What happens if my flight is delayed?

If your flight into Skiathos is delayed and you miss your scheduled SeaCab transfer, we will wait for you as long as we can without disrupting the next transfer. If we are unable to wait any longer, we will take you across on the next available crossing for no additional cost.

What happens in the event of bad weather?

Our team is always watching the weather forecast in advance. If we see that there is a risk of your transfer being cancelled due to bad weather, we will notify you in advance and help you to organise an alternative form of transport. If we are unable to take you across, we will give you a credit equivalent to your missed trip, to be used any time on a SeaCab in the future.

How can I get to Skopelos Town?

The easiest way to get to Skopelos Town is to take the SeaCab from Skiathos to Loutraki (Glossa). From there you can take a bus, taxi, or organise for your rental car to be dropped off at Loutraki port.

Where will the boat be waiting?

Please refer to the Where? section above on our home page.

How can I get to Alonissos?

If the ferry/boat transfer to Alonissos from Skiathos is full, you can take a SeaCab to loutraki in advance. Once there, some people will depart the ferry which will allow you to hop on and continue the journey to Alonissos.

How do I get between Skiathos airport and the port of Skiathos?

It's just a 5 minute taxi journey between Skiathos aiport and the port of Skiathos. There are usually taxis waiting at both ends, but if you are on a tight schedule we can help organise a taxi to be waiting for you on either end.

How do I get from Agnondas port to Skopelos Town?

From the port of Agnondas it's just a quick 15 minute taxi ride into Skopelos town. We will happily provide you with the number of a taxi driver if needed.

Where do I get more local information?

For more local information on Skopelos please see here: